formula 1

Over several years Hannes Schmid became a member of the BAR Honda F1 Racing team. The stereotyped visuals of the F1 world did not quite interest him. His fascination in F1 was the people the mechanics the drivers with their personalities and their status as heroes. To portray them, away from their racing environment, made it possible to show them in a light unknown to the public and the F1 world.
Pierre Cardin’s Villa close to Cannes was the perfect Location for one of Schmid’s Photo shoots. A F1 Race car is more then just a vehicle, like the Villa of Pierre Cardin is more than a house. „This house has artery, joints and breasts it is a living body“ (Pierre Cardin). That’s how Schmid felt about a F1 Race car.
Out of Schmid’s relationship with the team, in 2003 the simple idea to take a F1 racecar out of its regular environment put it down in the Land speed racetrack in Bonneville Utah USA to establish the first land speed record, of a F1 racecar sounded so easy. It became a 3 Year Project. On Saturday 22nd of July 2006 at 0902 the Record was set on 397.360 kph. Alan van der Merwe and his Honda F1 007 racecar is up to day the fastest F1 driver/car in motor sport history.