Bonneville from Hannes Schmid on Vimeo.


Bonneville The Final Run: This became one of the biggest challenges an F1 team had ever taken on. Besides the technical impossibility to steer a car not designed to perform on an alien surface like slippery salt or run for more than a mile in a straight track on maximum raves, there was the political nature of the F1 world to overcome to which we had come to discover is as big a challenge as the Bonneville record. But of course, the final results of our challenging journeys of ups and downs did not change the fact that we had to reach the goal of producing one of the most exciting films in Motor sport history.
Never before had a film team access into the deepest halls of the F1 world nor was an F1 car built specially for a film documentary story. The purpose of the film from the beginning was to establish and witness in Motorsport history, the first and fastest F1 racecar.
The film not only showed the agony and ecstasy of a dedicated team, but also revealed the personalities of people who are 24/7 in a year dedicated to a sport where they love more than anything in this world and willing to give everything they have to succeed.
The B400 team had to face and challenge nature in a scale no one in the F1 world could have imagined, not even in his wildest dreams.
The final attempt of the team to establish the 400kph record on the Bonneville salt flats was a race against time, weather, all physical and mental demands of not giving up under brutal conditions, dwindling manpower through dehydration and all the coordination impossibilities between the technical team and sensibility and outstanding skills of Alan who pushed the limit of risking his life fulfill his and our dream.