The Exhibition

“Momentous” is to be understood programmatically insofar as it would like to initiate a dialog
between Western and Eastern cultures and worlds of thought. In the English language,
“Momentous” refers to something of great significance, also with regards to the future,
hence to something with far-reaching consequences. In the Chinese language, the term
coming closest to the intended meaning is ????, which is used to refer to something
“of great significance,” but also ?????, standing for the moment of eternity or moments of eternity.

The English word ‘“Momentous”,’ first seen in the seventeenth century, is etymologically rooted in the term ‘moment’ and is therefore strongly associated with the Western conception of an instant in time. The ‘moment’ in this context constitutes one of the key terms of Western modernity and, moreover, of the world of Formula?1 races and its cult and ritual of velocity. The moment, standing for the present, brings Western experience of life in dialog with Eastern philosophy: in a Chinese understanding merely the present, but not the future, is relevant. Furthermore, as a decisive factor in the act of releasing the shutter, the ‘moment’ is likewise crucial to the technology at the heart of photography as an art form to the extent that it influences what will eventually constitute the perfectly condensed, authentic image. This image needs to be understood as the quintessence of all of which had existed prior to its formation, of what had been and will never be again. In the high-tech context of Formula?1, this moment might correspond to the fraction of a second deciding the race, investing it with significance and rendering it “Momentous”.

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