Rockstars The Book

Hannes Schmid shared his four walls with stars of the pop and rock scene in the 1970s and 80s. His application of this same approach – that of a participant observer – to the former communities has produced a photographic record of intimate moments akin to a family album and offers us unique access to a world that would otherwise remain remote from our everyday lives. It quickly becomes apparent that Schmid has gone a considerable distance with his rockstar subjects in the name of his work.
Although his photographs afford us insight into alien societies and an intriguing glimpse at contemporary history, Schmid is manifestly uninterested in the documentary character of his pictures. Rather, his main concern is to explore the emotional potential of his subject and to reconstruct the process by means of which that subject has become an icon.

A distinguished selection of the backstage images has been published and discussed in a voluminous book titled “Hannes Schmid Rockstars”.

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