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It all started in 1977. Hannes Schmid was discovered by Status Quo while taking a moment of break back in Switzerland during one of his travels for his photo-essays. His world with cannibals was transformed overnight with a keen eye on the fascination of Rockstars; their personalities, lifestyles and the impact they created while on stage and off stage.

During this time, he had documented hundreds of rock bands and became close friends with a few. His approach in photography took on a total different path while he was on stage. In the low, yet powerful light situation, Hannes created a series of works of the rockstars, merging the unique light setting with the powerful film he had. The result is a collection of photography that embodies focus, power and charisma called Blackstage.


It is about focus. Against blackness, life comes into play. The mystic of the rocking and rolling times. The magnetism of these stars who released a powerful yet relatable sense of charisma. These single moments of immense mood against a dimmed stage. A dimension of eminence to their prowess, reducing everything else into insignificance. 


A limited edition art box, containing a selection of 5 Digital C-Prints. 
The artbox contains 5 Digital C-Prints on Fuji Crystal Archive High-Gloss Paper, signed by the artist, mounted on passepartouts.

• Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones 1981
• Freddie Mercury, Queen 1982
• Peter Allen 1980
• Phil Collins, Genesis 1978
• David Lee Roth, Van Halen 1980

Artbox size: 245 x 340 x 65 mm
Image size: 140 x 210 mm
Paper size: 180 x 250 mm
Passepartout size: 297 x 210 mm
Edition 150
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