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Hannes Schmid

a forgotten world remembered

When I first came to Cambodia years ago, I was upset to witness the realities of the poorest families here. Unable to understand and accept the reasons for such poverty, oft within a short distance from 5 star hotels and booming businesses, I started on a journey which I had never imagined to be so moving for me, a journey into a forgotten world. The disparity between the two worlds I live in has left different impacts on me. One led to the creation of Smiling Gecko, an NGO which you could read more about at


Edited by Jürg Wey | Hillary Huang

Texts by Hannes Schmid | Hillary Huang

Book design: artmgt

English | Deutsch


128 pages

310 x 225 mm

CHF 150 excl. VAT. and delivery

Hannes Schmid will donate 50% of the book sale to Smiling Gecko.    

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